Takeaway from AngularJS 101 – Everything you need to know to get started by Stéphane Bégaudeau

AngularJS 101 – Everything you need to know to get started by Stéphane Bégaudeau is another deck of slides about AngularJS I watched today. It’s to improve my understanding of how to use AngularJS in my current and future projects. It’s the front-end JavaScript framework for the project I’m in after all so to apply it well I’m watching slides on Slideshare and taking notes to keep the lessons last longer.

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Takeaway from Advanced Tips & Tricks for using Angular JS by Simon Guest

I’m developing a web application with #AngularJS in a project, and since web development has never been of a great importance to me I’ve got a lot to learn. It was me to have picked AngularJS for the front-end, but right after I had chosen it, I found few other compelling web frameworks, like #React.
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Bye, bye, Citi…on to seeking greener pastures elsewhere

What a day! Today’s my 41st birthday and I’m very happy to have received so many best wishes. There were far too many than I had imagined. Thanks all!

What made the day even more worthwhile to remember was the decision of Citi and mine to terminate the employment contract, effective today. After a year and two months our vision on what and how to deliver no longer converged and so there was no point pretending otherwise. It just didn’t work out.
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Hacking #scalasbt with @gkossakowski on @WarszawScaLa meetup in @javeo_eu

It’s amazing how much I could learn hacking with so many clever Scala developers in one room during 2,5-hour meetup of @WarszawScaLa. Today was the day of #Scalania 22 during which Grzegorz Kossakowski @gkossakowski from Typesafe explained the changes needed to get rid of blank lines found in *.sbt build files in sbt. Thanks so much @javeo_eu for the food and venue. Many thanks Grzegorz for leading the meetup. Thanks the other Scala developers for the atmosphere.
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@gkossakowski on @WarszawScaLa about how to patch #scalasbt

What a fabulous @WarszawScaLa meetup! Grzegorz Kossakowski @gkossakowski has explained us the reasons behind the empty lines in build.sbt files in sbt and how to fix them with Scala’s parser!
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@WarszawaJUG meetup about #Java8 and later celebrating #Scala 2.11

The idea of a series of 5-minute talks about #Java8 worked so well today during @WarszawaJUG meetup.
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Getting into Akka (and other Scala open source projects) by sbt

sbt once simple is Scala now (and simple, too?)

Once I reached a certain level of confidence in my understanding of sbt, I’ve looked around for open source projects that use sbt as their build tool in order to get more insight on how much we could help each other. I’ve found quite a few projects that made me sad how far their builds are from what I’ve been learning about sbt for the past months. That is not to say it’s these projects’ fault. Quite the contrary, sbt was once meant to be simple (I kept hearing it here and there for quite some time before I jumped on the sbt bandwagon), however expectations seemed to have been too high on both sides.
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Comments about sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth

There’s a bunch of video recordings from the NE Scala 2014 and I couldn’t resist to comment on Sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth. It’s 23 minutes about what’s coming in sbt 1.0 and the future of sbt.next.

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Final thoughts on #ScalarConf = #Scala conference in Central #Europe

tl;dr It was the very first Scala-only conference in Poland. The conference was a massive success and with so many friends in one place and the good technical content with the incredible speaker’s line-up I wish it’d lasted longer for me. Kudos to the conference team, the speakers and the audience!

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Go in Action from Manning and go installed

I’ve been hearing about the Go programming language here and there and when I’ve seen the freely available chapter from the upcoming book Go in Action from Manning I thought I’d give it a go. It’s an introductory material to Go and the why’s one could pick the language for the next project. What I liked about the chapter — yes, you’re reading it right, about the chapter not the language — were the questions to answer before picking a language, which in this case is Go. If a language wants to stand out it either has to offer a perfect implementation of an already-available-somewhere-but-not-so-elegantly-implemented feature or find its niche and hence face new challenges that lead to new criteria for a language. I have never considered quite a few before, and they do point out useful language features. It could only be for the additional features of how to select a language for a project that the chapter is worth your time.

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