Endpoint address of JAX-WS binding empty when…Enter pressed too early

I’d certainly have called it “interesting” when it’d happened to me before I started a presentation, but it was grim to face it while I was showing a demo of a JAX-WS binding of a SCA module in IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) and run it in a test environment – IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS) It turns out there’s a difference in how the JAX-WS binding’s configured regarding the assigned Endpoint address if you press Enter too early, at the first configuration panel.

Provided you’ve a SCA component with an interface to be exported as a Web Service, you simply select Generate Export… > Web Service Binding context menu.

That’s easy as it reads. You are given a configuration panel – Configure Web Service Export for [the name of the export goes here] where you can opt for a transport protocol – the default be SOAP1.1/HTTP.

That’s where the “interesting” stuff show up. If you press the Finish button in this panel, you’ll end up with an Web Service with no Endpoint address displayed in the admin console. It just a matter of pressing the Next > button and the Endpoint address appears that makes a demo easier.

You can access the Address of the Web Service in the Properties panel of the Export in WID.

It will not be shown in the Admin Console of WPS in Applications > SCA modules > [Module] > Exports > [Export] > Binding > JAX-Web service… configuration panel.

Interesting?! Only when you’re not in front of an audience awaiting your demo to be up and running smoothly – you do ensure your demo goes fine before, don’t you?

Note that the soap:address element is indeed in the WSDL of the Web Service binding, yet somehow the console doesn’t show it.

  <wsdl:service name="OrderInterfaceExport4_OrderInterfaceHttpService">
    <wsdl:port binding="this:OrderInterfaceExport4_OrderInterfaceHttpBinding" name="OrderInterfaceExport4_OrderInterfaceHttpPort">
      <soap:address location="http://localhost:9080/OrderManagementWeb/sca/OrderInterfaceExport4"/>

Another lesson learnt.

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