No response returned in Generic Service Client for EJB Web Services with JMS transport

The Web Services course odyssey of mine continues. I’ve been able to learn about the product – IBM Rational Application Developer V8.0.1 a lot to a great surprise of mine and I don’t think the last day, tomorrow, will be different. It was that I had to teach the students how to use the tool and the JAX-WS Web Services concepts, but it seems that their questions have turned the course into a group activity, me including. Day by day the students are more open for new and often against the design ideas (at least part of them) and I do enjoy it a lot. I wish they pursued to do even more.

Today’s plan for the course was to explain the difference between Document and RCP style with their literal (wrapped) and encoded use as well as EJB Web Services with JMS transport protocol.

I found two documents very informatory and concise – THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RPC AND DOCUMENT STYLE WSDL and Which style of WSDL should I use?. They helped me to finally understand the difference and find out that it doesn’t really matter anymore with the latest JEE specs where doc/lit (wrapped) seems to rule out the other options (due to WS-I and its ability to do what RCP used to). It was definitely worth its time.

While working with WSDLs and generating Web Services skeletons I managed to learn a new addition to the latest version of Rational Application Developer 8.0.1 – Generic Service Client which, to quote the Testing Web services with the Generic Service Client, “allows testing of a greater variety of Web services than other testing mechanisms – such as JMS Web services or secured Web services.” It looks like a very useful tool yet mysterious as I couldn’t find much information on it in the Internet. It became even more interesting when I found out that it looks similar to a tool – IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality – which I could only manage to compare having read the other article – Using IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality: Testing Java Message Service on IBM WebSphere Application Server Version 6. Having noticed the version of WAS 6 used in the article, I imagine the tool paved a way for the Generic Service Client or eventually turned into it.

Since the Generic Service Client supports Invoking a JMS endpoint call I thought I would be able to use it for EJB Web Services with JMS transport testing. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to do so and am still struggling with not returning a response after a service is executed. I can see no error messages in the WAS logs no matter how detailed they are (I run the server with *=info:*=all:*=all:*=all: org.apache.axis2.jaxws.*=all and while I could learn a lot about JAX-WS Web Services handling in WAS7, the issue is still unresolved).

I’m executing the web service with the following Transport configuration.

The Requests tab looks as follows.

The requests are sent properly, but the Generic Service Client keeps telling me No response returned, please check your configuration.

In the Error Log view there’s also a stack trace with NPE (!)

	at<init>(Unknown Source)
	at Source)
	at Source)
	at Source)
	at Source)
	at$ Source)

If only I could find a solution…Any ideas? On to looking into it…

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