Monthly Archives: March 2011 Permission denied while federating node with addNode

While federating a node to a deployment manager of IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 I ran across the following issue: I must admit I couldn’t fix the issue right away even though the solution was indeed in the stack trace itself. The “Permission denied” part led me to think it was an issue with user […]

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Can’t dynamically bind non-dynamic var in Clojure 1.3

That’s what I enjoy the most – a series of short and concise readings in the early morning that eventually lead to a solution of a problem I could not likely have tackled successfully otherwise. I stumbled upon Hello Web : Dynamic Compojure Web Development at the REPL by John Lawrence Aspden. It took me […]

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Suppress join failure in WS-BPEL 2.0 with WebSphere Integration Developer V7

While preparing for the IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2 certification I came across an area I’ve lately been getting into – the parallel activity. I described its main points in Running activities concurrently with flow (parallel) activity in WS-BPEL 2.0 on my blog. There’s been one thing I truly missed while […]

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Processing in Clojure

While reading the article Scala + Processing – an entartaining way to learn a new language I came across Processing – “an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions.” The author of the article found Processing an excellent tool to learn Scala the language, that in […]

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Running activities concurrently with flow (parallel) activity in WS-BPEL 2.0

I delved into the IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V7 Information Center (InfoCenter) to read up about the parallel activity. The parallel activity is a structured activity so you can nest other activities – their collection – in a business process flow to have them run in parallel, concurrently. What made me think it’s more complicated […]

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Serializing reference of @Stateful session beans in EJB 3.1 with GlassFish 3.1

It’s all started with the EJB 2.1 and the javax.ejb.Handle interface. I remember I’ve always been meaning to check it out myself – how it is to save a reference of a stateful session EJB. There’s a myriad of use cases that would justify the need to figure it out – storing a @Stateful EJB […]

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WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.2 on Windows 7 – beware UAC

Running IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition (WLE) V7.2 on MS Windows 7 might cause troubles depending on the User Account Control (UAC) settings. It results in SQL5005C System Error while logging in as the WLE user as shown below: It may also prevent WLE environment from booting up upon executing Start Servers shortcut in Windows menu. […]

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ClassCastException when Untyped Component with Java interface gets its non-Java implementation

While reading about Service Component Architecture (SCA) interfaces in Interfaces of the WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, Version 7.0 information center, I came across the following paragraph: All components have interfaces of the WSDL type. Only Java components support Java-type interfaces. If a component, import or export, has more than one interface, all interfaces must be […]

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