Suppress join failure in WS-BPEL 2.0 with WebSphere Integration Developer V7

While preparing for the IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2 certification I came across an area I’ve lately been getting into – the parallel activity. I described its main points in Running activities concurrently with flow (parallel) activity in WS-BPEL 2.0 on my blog.

There’s been one thing I truly missed while delving into the detail of the parallel activity – BPEL standard fault joinFailure‘s explanation.

While looking around for explanation of its aim and use, I found the article Join behavior in activities in Training resources for the certification. Its explanation was as flat as “When an activity is nested within a parallel activity, and the link conditions that lead to an activity conflict with those of its join condition, then a fault is thrown on that activity.” It just stirred my wish even more to really find out what it was for.

As it turned out, “conflict” (from the above quote) means “is false” and I’d claim it’s not very helpful for readers (unless they know what it is before they turned their attention to reading the article – a sort of a paradox).

Hoping to get an answer or some pointers to look at I wrote an email to the WebSphere Integration Developer developerWorks forum – How to cause “join failure” in parallel activity. It looks like it’s gonna be me who respond to my own question :-)

Read my take on the topic in my article Suppress join failure in WS-BPEL 2.0 with WebSphere Integration Developer V7.

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