EJB import binding surprises in IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V7

While preparing for Test 000-379: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2, Solution Development I run across an interesting finding – generating an interface in a Library (in Business Integration perspective) will *always* create a WSDL portType.

It turned out that every interface in a Library can only be a WSDL portType and no Java EE projects can be a dependency of a Library.

The following screenshot shows the interface’s properties.

It came out when I played with creating an Import of a EJB stateless session bean (SLSB). Instead of developing a SLSB first (in Java EE perspective), I did it other way round. Firstly, I created an interface in a library, dragged and dropped an Import onto the Assembly Diagram and assigned it the interface. That’s when I was stuck. It took me a while to figure out why Generate Binding… for the Import had Enterprise JavaBeans Binding disabled.

The solution? Create an SLSB as you’ve always done (in Java EE perspective) and add the EJB project as a dependency of the module and do the rest. Easy, isn’t it? I bet you concur.

I’m going to write a few more blog entries about other EJB binding surprises as it struck me a few times how it really worked. It looks as if I were uncovering the truth (yet I’ve been working with WID/WPS combo for almost 5 years now). Nonetheless, such findings will certainly pay off during the test. I bet you concur…again.

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One Response to EJB import binding surprises in IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V7

  1. Shivam says:

    Hi Jacek,
    I am also getting the same option (Enterprise JavaBeans Binding) disabled. I am using IID 8.5.
    I tried you solution, created a EJB Project and in that created a stateless Message Bean. (Did not write anything in that).
    Then added the dependencies (EJB Project also the EJB Client) to my module (in which I am trying calling the EJB) but the option is still disabled.

    Setting the context to my problem, in my BPEL I have to read XML from a JMS Message Queue into the Business Object. I have the XSD and have created the BO’s. The EJB that I need to call is on a different system. And I do not have access to that, I have got the client EJB jar file for the same. So using this Client jar file I need to make a call to the remote EJB after mapping the Java Instruction Object in the Client Jar with the XML input.

    I am new to BPEL, Java & even the eclipse tool. Can you please help me as how to achieve the same.


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