WB307 Developing Applications in IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS V7.1’s Day 1

I wouldn’t have imagined how easy it was to explain what BOM, XOM and the rule project artifacts are. I remember the days when I couldn’t get my head around the topics and now I’m in the position to explain it to others. I guess this blog and the time that passed since I was learning IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules let the knowledge settle and helped to understand the benefits of using it in projects. And this is the first course that clearly states how important the collaboration, exercises, demos and the workshop are – “Lectures should not count for more than 25% of the total time of the course. Students have to learn by doing (exercises) and thinking (checkpoint, workshop) instead of only listening to you (lectures).” I bet no IBM course drew so much attention to them.

The first day was about introducing the students to BRMS and ILOG JRules products. In the meantime, they were able to create a rule project, XOM and BOM. It went very smoothly. I really enjoyed the demo of using Rule Studio, Rule Team Server and Rule Execution Server, so the students could experience what it is to develop rule project collaboratively that I led another to accompany the slides (and cut them to the bare minimum as I noticed people were eager to roll up sleeves and follow along themselves). I’m very positive for the upcoming days.

Less intuitive sorting in Rule Explorer in ILOG JRules Rule Studio

While doing a few exercises to practice the tooling, mostly Rule Studio, I discovered that the ordering in the Rule Explorer is…well…quite stunning.

Note how credit-ruleproject and credit-javaproject are separated by another rule project – miniloan-rules. It turns out that the ordering is a combination of by rule projects alphabetically first and the others alphabetically later. A question about project ordering in Rule Explorer in the certification exam would likely be the least properly answered, I believe.

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  1. shan says:

    Hi,I need one clarification.
    Actually io created “TWO PROPERTIES” under the property console(Which is available in the bottom of the eclipse) Using Rule Model EXtension and Rule Model Data.Also i added those newly added properties into the workspace(Window->Preferences->Rule Designer->Rule Model Extension->imported those created Extension Model and Data)By selecting the changes in the file Workspace option.

    The properties which i created using Rule Model Extension are successfully displaying the values in the “property tab”.Now This is working in my machine i want this to be done in others machines without importing the .brmx and .brdx(Model extension and Data Extension) extension files.

    How can i achieve so,Kindly please help me

    Thanks in advance :)

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