Enterprise OSGi runtime setup with Apache Aries Blueprint

After the seminar where I presented Enterprise OSGi and Contexts and Dependency Injection for the Java EE platform at University of Zielona Gora the idea to read a few books about OSGi awaiting on my bookshelf crossed my mind. I turned my attention to OSGi and Equinox: Creating Highly Modular Java Systems. While not Enterprise OSGi-oriented, the book provided many tips and tricks about OSGi, and therefore I made the decision to give them a whirl with Eclipse Equinox (as the OSGi framework) and Apache Aries (as the Enterprise OSGi framework). The idea is to find out the pros and cons of developing modular, enterprise applications with Java EE, CDI and Enterprise OSGi. They’re often crossing each other domains claiming easier development of modular, enterprise applications.

I set out my Enterprise OSGi journey with setting up an environment to host Blueprint bundles I’m going to develop while studying the specification.

If you’re interested, I invite you to read my new, short yet hopefully still informatory article titled Enterprise OSGi runtime setup with Apache Aries Blueprint. I’d be glad very much if you shared with me your thoughts about its content, the writing style and such.

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