IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Ultimate doesn’t detect Grails (unless you add framework library yourself)

I’ve just upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 and gave its support for Grails projects a try. It’s very productive, and am quickly felt in love with it. There’s a hitch, tough – importing Grails projects won’t let you appreciate it right away, and you’ll have to add Grails library yourself to help IDEA detect it.

Upon importing the project, IDEA detected the project as a mere Spring project.

According to Creating a simple Grails application with IntelliJ IDEA I expected to have the project recognized as a Grails app.

I could not Add Framework Support… with Grails selected, either, as there’s no separate Grails support in the wizard, merely Groovy (if I were to select anything related).

After a bit of poking around in the IDEA menu and options, an idea crossed my mind – add a Grails library.

Go to Open Module Settings (F4) and open Modules in Project Settings category. Select Dependencies tab. Add the Grails library (you may have created earlier).

Press OK and IDEA will successfully recognize the project as Grails one.

That’s what I meant to have been offered in the first place. The solution may have simply started your project right from IntelliJ IDEA.

I’ll have to spend a bit of my time on exploring the Grails View as it looks the most enjoyable for Grails development in IntelliJ IDEA.

By the way, you should now be well prepared for my introductory article about Grails and MySQL – Grails z MySQL. Although it’s in Polish, you should find Grails commands useful and use for your learning purposes.

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