A few rough edges of RTS’s upgrade

Before I could enjoy the following screen in the ILOG JRules Rule Team Server (RTS), I ran across a couple of minor issues.

Before upgrading 7.1 to, I had to install 7.1.1 first. I should’ve read the installation manual, right?

With the 7.1.1 version installed, the path to was way easier.

It was just a few clicks away and took around 5 minutes.

Like RTS, ILOG Decision Validation Services required 7.1.1 first and afterwards.

Right after the installation of 7.1.1, I came across the error message which I simply disregarded (hoping it was about incorrect HTML file and it wouldn’t affect the installation in any way – I’m still to find it out).

While upgrading to DVS, another popup window showed up which I got rid of with Yes, meaning to overwrite existing files. I’m still uncertain what the right answer should be.

After another 5 minutes, DVS was installed successfully.

The installation of the entire IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules 7.1 suite with its maintenance package on 64-bit Windows 7 takes around a quarter. Despite the intervening popup windows indicating that there might be an issue, it’s an absolute breeze, even for a complete newbie. Give it a try and report back. I do believe your experience is going to be the same.

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2 Responses to A few rough edges of RTS’s upgrade

  1. Daniel Selman says:


    We aim to please. Sorry about those strange dialogs you saw. I will ask someone in QA to look into it.


    • Jacek Laskowski says:

      Thanks Dan! I’m looking forward to these small changes that will eventually make the product even more pleasant :)

      While we’re at it, are there any works to develop a native client for Android? I wonder whether or not it’s any valuable target for the development team?

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