WID7’s inconsistency in New Folder… wizard upon generating implementation

I enjoy finding out about these little inconsistencies which often make using a software quite a fun. It’s the kind of Easter egg that you might stumble upon in many open and commercial software. There have once been many, but seems they’re gradually disappearing – is it because developers don’t find it amusing and/or worth their time?

This small inconsistency I could find in IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) V7 lately is not very entertaining, though.

Have you ever created a new package for your SCA components in WID7? There are many ways to do so, but there’s one I use very often (not that often as people who use WID7 on a daily basis for developing real business software). In the Assembly diagram, I double-click a component to Generate Implementation of it. The popup window asking whether I really want to do it shows up.

Once approved with the “Yes” button, another window “Generate Implementation” pops up, in which I can click “New Package…” to create a new package or folder for the component.

Depending on the component I work with there are two different layouts for the Create Package window. The one I’d call “correct” Create Package window.

and the one I would hardly called as such – the New Folder window.

It turns out there are two different windows for the New Folder… assistant – the Create Package for Java Implementation and the New Folder for the other components – mediation, human task, process, rule group, state machine and selector. Wouldn’t it look a little better if they look alike? I believe it deserves a little bit of hug from the WID developers :)

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