Argh! WID update doesn’t like my instalation

It’s not the first time when I’m facing issues with updating IBM WebSphere Integration Developer. I’m still at 7.0 level as I still believe I can ultimately pass Test 000-379: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2, Solution Development. I wish I’d pass it long time ago.

I’ve WID installed and noticed Version is available. I’m always the first who updates its environment and no different could be now.

But the update went with warnings.

When I first updated it along with IBM WebSphere Business Modeler I thought it was because of the simultaneous update.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but regardless of what combination of the updates I pick it keeps failing. I guess it’s not time for me to update the environment. I’m also very glad I work on VMware image so I can restore to the sensible state once WID breaks.

I’m counting days to move to IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 Advanced with IBM Integration Designer (formerly WID).

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