Certify about WID 6.2 (the past) to understand 7.0 and Integration Designer 7.5

I think it’s over 2 years now when I first thought about passing the Test 000-379: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2, Solution Development. To be honest, it all began with the version 6.1.2, which I hardly believe is heavily used in the wild. Enterprises have already upgraded to 6.2, 7.0 or are considering IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 (or switching to another BPM vendor – I’d be surprised to hear so having seen so much good in IBM BPM 7.5).

I should be certifying myself from IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 Advanced then, but happily it’s not yet available. I’ve got some time to catch up with the latest IBM offerings.

I’ve been hearing here and there that to understand the future one has to understand the past first. And in my professional career, WID 6.2 is the past (or almost to be), WID 7.0 is the interim now and Integration Designer 7.5 is the future.

To make things a little bit tougher, there are two development environments in IBM Business Process Manager 7.5. In the Standard edition, there’s the Process Designer (formerly Lombardi Authoring Environment) while the Advanced edition comes with the Integration Designer (formerly WebSphere Integration Developer). They play together (pretty much) nicely sharing artifacts via the Process Center.

I’ve got my certifications to do regardless of how old (version-wise) they are. After 3 failed attempts (excluding another for WID 6.1.2, which would add up to 4 failed attempts!), it became a kind of personal matter – something I must do for myself. I still can’t understand why it happened at all – I’m teaching the development courses, I’m working with customers helping them to sort out their issues with the tooling and I’m following technotes, forums and such. It’s now a personal affair. No doubt about it.

Today I installed the environment with the necessary pieces – the profiles for IBM WebSphere Process Server 6.2 and IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 6.2. I was working with WID 7.0 and the latest ID 7.5, but was afraid of not being able to recognize what was part of WID 6.2 and the others. Moreover, the VM image crashed and I had to do it nevertheless.

I’m running WID 6.2 with the runtimes on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with 3 GB of RAM. I’m hoping to be a IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2 soon (in one or two weeks), ditch the version and work on the IBM Certified Integration Developer – WebSphere Process Server V7.0 shortly thereafter. Time for wrapping up the year 2011 with some success, isn’t it?

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