Java SE 7 with book and PrepKit – special contest for readers

Just in time for my self-learning of Java SE 7 I received two offerings to help me out achieve success. Well, as I learnt today, there are three, actually.

A couple of weeks ago I received “Java The Complete Reference”, 8th Edition for a review and 4 days ago, uCertify contacted me to offer a free license for their certification PrepKits.

“In the recent past, uCertify has launched a number of new PrepKits that might be helpful for your readers. I want one more review from you since your review will also help us in improving our products.

Please visit for the complete list of PrepKits and let me know the name/code of the PrepKit you would like to review.”

I picked 1Z0-851 – Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer Practice Test for the starter. It’s not about Java SE 7, but I hope it will ultimately help me out with my certification preparation, anyway.

Upon first run, the tool asked me if I could assess my current skills. I don’t mind having a test, but it made me sad ultimately after I failed the assessment test. It turns out that I’ll have to spend more time with the tool than I previously thought.

First 30 minutes with the tool looked very promising (I’m speaking about the tool’s GUI and features not my exam score). I’ll post a review soon.

As a bonus, uCertify has offered my readers a special contest – a free license key to a winner who writes up a review of their product that I’ll publish on my blog within 30 days of receiving the product. I think it’s fair and I don’t see a reason you’d not want to give it a whirl. Let me know about your plans if you want it.

While reading blogs I stumbled upon Oracle JDK7 Mac OS X Port Developer Preview Release. I’ve been using OpenJDK’s build from openjdk-osx-build project, but the official release reassured me that there’s still a hope for Java developers on Mac OS X.

With the book, the PrepKit(s), Eclipse IDE I’m at full steam ahead to master Java 7’s features. Have you managed to use Java 7 in a project already? What was that? Let me know so my self-learnings become more focused and thought-out.

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