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Decision Gateway (XOR) in Lombardi

There are three different gateways in IBM WebSphere Lombardi (WLE) 7.2 – Decision Gateway (XOR), Simple Split (AND) and Conditional Split (OR). They are to handle different cases in a process flow. I still do remember the troubles in their understanding in another process engine – IBM WebSphere Process Server (a WS-BPEL engine), but time […]

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WID 6.2 is uninstalled. Long live WID 7.0

I wish I could move up to the latest version of IBM WebSphere Integration Developer (WID), which has changed its name to IBM Integration Designer in IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 Advanced. I’ll have to wait a little bit longer as one of my job assignments is to support clients and business partners who happen […]

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Using soapUI and Lombardi WebAPIService to complete task

With yesterday’s findings, which I described in Using soapUI to access Lombardi WebAPIService, I thought about sending a SOAP message to complete a task in a process. What bothered me was how to pass data to a process instance so it’d become output variable(s) for an activity. Let’s give the following business process definition a […]

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Using soapUI to access Lombardi WebAPIService

IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 provides SOAP Web Service interface to its managed resources, be it business process definitions or instances thereof. In a conversation, Dawn Ahukanna said (quoting with permission): “The Lombardi coaches/forms are specifically for exposing process variables and business data to a user to complete a process activity.” It struck me so […]

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And now… Some Services – Lombardi WebAPI WSDLs exposed

While studying External Activities in IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 and asking around, I was told about http://[server]:[port]/webapi/services URL for Lombardi WebAPI WSDLs. You want to contact Lombardi from outside? Use WebAPI in 7.2 with the WSDLs. On my installation the port is 19086. I’m installing SoapUI to play with the WSDLs. I think WebAPIService […]

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Certified as IT Specialist Level 2

That’s one of these days at IBM I won’t likely forget! I’ve been approved for the title of IT Specialist Level 2, which means that I’m “able to perform independently as lead Specialist, and take responsibility for delivery of solutions” (quoting the Open CITS Certification web site). Dear Jacek It is my pleasure to inform […]

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What’s the default pool’s name to hold all lanes within the BPD? Lombardi or Pool?

I work with IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 (with the Fix Pack as depicted in the following figure. While reading IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition Information Center I came across the section about developing new process applications and business process definitions – Creating a BPD (later about their differences unless it’s known and I shouldn’t […]

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Learning environment with IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 ready

Do you remember when you began your journey into an area you’re currently good at? I do and I’m quite lucky to experience it quite regularly. It takes a lot of time and patience, but once you grasp the concepts the cost matters no more. I remember when I started learning IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules […]

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I’m finally a IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2

I’m so glad I can finally announce it! Yesterday I passed Test 000-379: IBM WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2, Solution Development and am now a happy IBM Certified Solution Developer – WebSphere Integration Developer V6.2. The result is not something I’m very proud of – just 65%, but it was enough to pass the exam which […]

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