And now… Some Services – Lombardi WebAPI WSDLs exposed

While studying External Activities in IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 and asking around, I was told about http://[server]:[port]/webapi/services URL for Lombardi WebAPI WSDLs. You want to contact Lombardi from outside? Use WebAPI in 7.2 with the WSDLs.

On my installation the port is 19086.

I’m installing SoapUI to play with the WSDLs. I think WebAPIService is what I’ll need to use to complete a task that’s represented by an external activity.

I’ve also been told to leave WebAPI for REST API that’s incorporated (with changes) in IBM Business Process Manager 7.5 and on, and is the preferred approach for external communication. Any experience out there?

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  1. vamshi krishna says:

    could you please send me the information about IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus(WESB), IBM Websphere process server and other ibm products and tools and also if any doubts on that how can i post reply me

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