Learning environment with IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 ready

Do you remember when you began your journey into an area you’re currently good at? I do and I’m quite lucky to experience it quite regularly. It takes a lot of time and patience, but once you grasp the concepts the cost matters no more.

I remember when I started learning IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules 7 and a couple of months later I was asked to run the courses about it. I passed the exam for IBM Certified Application Developer – WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0, too. I’m far from being good at it, but learning it opened the doors to Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) that I was not even aware of before. I wish there were more projects with the tooling in Poland so I could practice what I learnt so far.

With IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and the other products from IBM BPM offering I could enhance my ability to recognize the benefits of Business Process Management Systems (BPMS). With ILOG JRules I did it for Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). I’m still on my way to understand all the acronyms behind Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), but it’s easier now. Uhm, is it really?

I’d been so sure before I eventually found out about IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition.

Only then could I learn about the differences between Human-Centric Business Processes and Integration-Centric Business Processes (not to mention Document-Centric Business Processes).

I was running IBM BPM courses like WB211, WB212, WB711, WB712, WB792 and the others, which all led to believing that IBM WebSphere Business Modeler, IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM WebSphere ESB, IBM WebSphere Business Monitor and a few others around these products are the backbone of a truly proper enterprise SOA platform. Along came Lombardi.

It helped me a lot to realize that I was unaware of existing, open source and commercial alternatives. It was like a shock therapy. It was why it took me a longer while until I could realize the benefits of IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition (WLE), along with IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM FileNet product offerings. They all were business process engines, but the difference was huge yet I couldn’t notice it.

With all that said, I’m glad I work for IBM with so many products in IBM WebSphere portfolio. I can hardly know them fully. There’s simply too much for one bite, but being able to learn them gradually helps me to know them well enough and ultimately to help customers. I’m keen on learning more and the upcoming months I’m going to spend on WLE.

I’ve got the learning environment with WLE 7.2 ready.

The installation was so simple and reminded me how easy it was to install ILOG JRules 7. There’s a single installation file for the platform – Unix or Windows – you work on, and it boils down to a few clicks to have the product(s) installed.

You start with the Choose Setup Type, click Simple Install, and you’re almost done.

A few more clicks and that’s it – you’re done. I believe that the final score of product evaluation should include how well it installs itself and if the installation is simple and invites for more exploration it’s only better.

On to reading WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2.0 Express Installation and Configuration Guide. It looks like a short and useful guide.

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2 Responses to Learning environment with IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7.2 ready

  1. Daniel S. Haischt says:

    Hi Jacek,

    they say with Lombardi everything changes to the better… next time I want you writing about WebSphere Decission Server. If you would visit Germany in the upcoming month you have to give our team an ILOG class :)


    • Jacek Laskowski says:

      I worked with WLE for a few weeks and what *they* say it’s true. I couldn’t resist working with it, but the other assignments made it really tough. It changed finally.

      Decision Server?! It’s ILOG JRules + WebSphere Events, isn’t it? I know nothing about BEP with Events and would love changing it soon. It will certainly be after WLE self-education.

      When I’m in Germany, you’ll know about it. I feel invited :)

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