The WAS V8.5 Alpha Liberty Profile November 2011 refresh

The past two weeks I gave two presentations about Java EE 6 and a little bit about Enterprise OSGi with IBM Rational Application Developer V8 and IBM WebSphere Application Server V8. It occupied all my time and I could not continue my self-learning of IBM WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.2 in any way. I didn’t mind.

When I finally recovered myself from the break, people from the WASdev team released The WAS V8.5 Alpha Liberty Profile November 2011 refresh. When I found out that it comes with OSGi Blueprint support (not to mention Java Servlet 3.0) I couldn’t resist to give it a try.

I’ve been working with Eclipse Indigo SR1 already so all I had to do was to open up the Eclipse Marketplace and search for “Liberty”.

I clicked Install and in a blink of an eye the tooling was available in my local Eclipse IDE. Note the last purple globe icon in the row in the following screenshot.

There’s the WebSphere Liberty Profile Tools feature which provides the tooling.

I believe it comes with two new wizards for OSGi projects – OSGi Application Project and OSGi Bundle Project. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they were available in a vanilla Eclipse Indigo installation.

I meant to give them both a try, but after a couple of failed attempts I eventually gave up. I could deploy a OSGi Application project with a OSGi Bundle Project submodule, but WASdev didn’t respond when I tried to run a servlet off this bundle project. Next time.

I got the tooling and the server installed, though.

I was able to run the server, too.

I’m now ready for further exercises with the Liberty Profile, and am first going to figure out how to run a OSGi Blueprint project within an EBA. Stay tuned.

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