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Automatic reloading of web app sources in Ring

I’ve been wondering how to test out the librarian-clojure web application I’m developing with Ring and just stumbled upon this thread on the ring-clojure mailing list – What is the best way to run a ring application in REPL? in which James Reeves wrote: “The ring-serve library should work the same way as “lein ring […]

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Stack traces in Clojure prettier? Almost. It’s Ring

Clojure stack traces got pretty-printed or is it Ring? I believe it’s Ring’s ring.middleware.stacktrace which is described as “Catch exceptions and render web and log stacktraces for debugging.” I’m developing my first web application in Clojure and I’ve just been pleasantly surprised having seen it (= the nicely-formatted stack trace, but not the stack trace […]

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Leaving aside Java for Clojure

…or shall I say “Leaving aside object-oriented programming (in Java) for functional programming (with Clojure)”? I seem to be getting into functional programming with Clojure steadily. And I’m serious to have it under my belt. I seem to question all I learnt so far about object-oriented programming with Java and am quite often treading on […]

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HTML5 and CSS3 seem to have caught my attention

I seem to be getting into the latest developments on browser side where Clojure sits with ClojureScript. During my recent walk with my 3,5-month-old son I was listening to ThinkRelevance: The Podcast – Episode 003 – Brenton Ashworth on ClojureScript One. For me it was a two-fold experience – firstly, it was a way to […]

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Teaching programming language concepts with F#

Remember when I told you about the idea of listening to recordings as taking a walk with my 3-month-old son? Today I watched the other two video recordings about F# (aka fsharp) on the Channel 9 website which I doubt I’d have found spare time otherwise. Teaching programming language concepts with F#, part 1 Teaching […]

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Book review: The Joy of Clojure

I’ve been reading the book “The Joy of Clojure” by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser (Manning, March 2011) for a year or so. I’ve been given a review copy of the book and remember the very first day when I started its reading – I got overwhelmed with its complexity or rather the deep coverage […]

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Tune into Expert to Expert: Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman – Inside Clojure

I cannot stress how important it’s to read written and listen to spoken sources of information in order to improve your own skills and gain the advantage of having the best teachers available. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to imply technical skills, but any skills. When you choose your sources well, they […]

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Baby steps in TDD with Clojure and Midje

I’ve got an idea for an app. It’s going to be a GUI app and was wondering how to start off. I’ve lately been impressed by TDD in Java (thanks @krzysztofjelski!) and thought about giving it a go to build the app with Clojure. TDD is language-agnostic, so Clojure should work fine too, shouldn’t it? […]

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