Book review: The Joy of Clojure

I’ve been reading the book “The Joy of Clojure” by Michael Fogus and Chris Houser (Manning, March 2011) for a year or so. I’ve been given a review copy of the book and remember the very first day when I started its reading – I got overwhelmed with its complexity or rather the deep coverage of the “Why” of Clojure. I wasn’t prepared for the book back then.

After a couple of months and some experience with Clojure (rather in theory than practice) I gave it another go. It worked fine this time and so I could publish a review on – The “Why” of Clojure – mind-bending for enlightenment with idiomatic Clojure code.

If you think you need a book about Clojure, think twice before picking up The Joy Of Clojure since “This isn’t intended as a first book on programming, and it may not be an ideal first book on Clojure either” as says the Foreword. There’re quite a few books about Clojure out there and The Joy Of Clojure offers the “Why” only. You can find the other two for the “How” and “Where” in my review.

On to reading Clojure – Grundlagen, Concurrent Programming, Java. It’s gonna be tough as it’s been a while since I was reading German books (it was so long ago that I barely remember it).

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  1. You’ve discovered what a lot of us have. But when you go back, The Joy of Clojure is written in such a way that a lot of things just fit together nicely.

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