Tune into Expert to Expert: Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman – Inside Clojure

I cannot stress how important it’s to read written and listen to spoken sources of information in order to improve your own skills and gain the advantage of having the best teachers available. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to imply technical skills, but any skills.

When you choose your sources well, they may tremendously expand your horizon of technical abilities to get the gist of concepts that otherwise would not be in your reach (well, they would, but might incur a longer time for the learning activity). And most importantly, it’s all for free. Almost inconceivable.

I’ve just come back from a walk with my youngest, 3-week-old son who sleeps while outside, so I’m taking the chance to listen to recordings I can’t find the time to do so otherwise. Today I had a pleasure to listen to Expert to Expert: Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman – Inside Clojure in which Rich explains the concepts of immutability, persistence and concurrency abstractions in Clojure (there’s way more, but to not spoil the presentation, I won’t put all the details here).

It’s not a presentation, and neither is it a discussion (not in the sense of exchanging views with almost a 50/50 time each). Brian took a role of a moderator, and while Rich didn’t seem to need one to feel invited to talk about Clojure’s principles, it helped to tune in.

I highly recommend this recording to anyone wishing tune himself into Clojure, not by reading but listening. Same subject, but different way to reach our brain cells does have its impact. Although I learn no new things whatsoever, I could put them in order. I certainly feel enlightened and encouraged to pursue my Clojure’s endeavour.

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