hangman with lein run, Incanter, and opencsv – Counterclockwise is here, too

It was just yesterday when I once again listened to the presentation of Stuart Halloway – Clojure in the Field and was reminded about supercsv and his arguments to expect a csv parser in the Java SDK distribution.

While scanning Clojure mailing list I stumbled upon [ANN] Clojure Hangman from Jozef Wagner and hoping to learn a bit about Clojure and its libraries I cloned into https://github.com/wagjo/hangman (btw, I would not have used the term ‘clone into’, but that’s how it’s printed out upon cloning so I consider it correct).

In the blink of an eye, I found a few things in the hangman project I hadn’t known before – I learnt lein run, noticed Incanter in the libs downloaded (which I’ve always been meaning to learn) and finally noticed that opencsv (although it wasn’t supercvs it instantly reminded Stuart’s presentation). All in one shot which I truly appreciate. And it’s free to use, modify, study, whatever, you name it. Just clone the repo and it’s yours.

And I could play a little while getting accustomed with the tool. The first time I ran the app, I failed to answer the word correctly and guess what the word was. DANGER. Seriously. Happily the second attempt was quite successful!

Time for studying the sources. I hope to find some hidden gems there, too.

BTW, I’ve always been wondering how others use Eclipse Counterclockwise (CCW) to create and/or import Clojure projects. With yesterday’s beta release of CCW – 0.6.0 Beta of Counterclockwise it looks like an excellent moment to try it out yourself. Do you just point the location to the directory of your project and type in the project’s name? I would expect some sort of import, but I can find no such a feature. Let me know your way.

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  1. Btw: It’s “clone into x” since x is the directory that was just created by git. You “clone from” a repo “into” the dir. :-)

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  3. Konrad Garus says:

    Hint on eclipse: Look for lein eclipse. Create a lein project, go into its folder and run “lein eclipse”. It will create or update the eclipse project with all dependencies in classpath etc.

    It’s already present in librarian and in fact that’s how I work on the project.

  4. I figured it out the hard way :) You should have seen how surprised I was when I saw it in project.clj. It’s very productive to have you aboard.

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