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From lein’s sources – standalone repl, LEIN_REPL_PORT, (exit), .lein-classpath, and still no Clojure 1.3.0

I knew there were some changes to fire up Clojure‘s REPL with lein repl outside a project, so it brought no surprise when I ran lein repl in a directory and the REPL was ready. What I was however concerned with was that the Clojure’s version was merely 1.2.1 (the latest version is 1.3.0). I […]

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Helping daughter and myself with Clojure

Right on time when I needed an idea for an application to work on with Clojure, my daughter asked me to run an assessment of her skills to memorize countries and their capitals. It was her home assignment for geography at school. And we were running quizes where I was picking the countries and capitals […]

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