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Anonymous functions inside other function definitions for Clojure and monads nirvana

Got an email that A monad tutorial for Clojure programmers (part 1) was corrected with the latest changes around clojure.algo.monads. I almost immediately began reading it. It’s been a while since I read it, and recalled how tough it was to understand what monads are and how they work in Clojure. It was at the […]

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3rd day at 33rd degree

Wednesday was great! It was the day at the 33rd degree conference when I ran my presentation and spent another hour presenting Clojure by code samples. There were three people who needed more since I merely scratched the surface of why people should consider Clojure as the language of choice. I could barely present 2 […]

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2nd day at 33degree

I had a lovely (meaning very informative) chat with Venkat Subramaniam this morning. I believe we spent an hour or so discussing how people apply technologies to solve their problems and how Venkat finds it a way to live on his own sharing his time between technology passions and the family. I learnt a lot […]

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1st day at 33rd degree conference

I’m not saying that the first day at the 33rd degree conference is a complete failure as far as the presentations are concerned, but am very close at doing so. I was very keen on listening to Mike West’s presentation about Dart, which was the first one at the conference. I simply couldn’t wait till […]

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Drawing a winner in Clojure again – this time with function composition and recur

Functional programming is for me about function composition and no mutable state in-between if possible. I knew I could do better than Drawing a winner in Clojure (in an almost purely functional approach) and the comments showed how far I was from “purely functional approach” (I should’ve known it’s not a good idea to use […]

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Drawing a winner in Clojure (in an almost purely functional approach)

There is a need in Warszawa Java User Group to have a way to draw a winner of a free license for a product from JetBrains amongst the attendees of a meeting. We couldn’t figure out whether the draw should be at the beginning of a meeting or its end. Some argued it doesn’t really […]

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Uncovering similarities of Clojure’s data structures with other solutions

It’s just crossed my mind while I was reviewing the course material for WD507 REST Service Development with Java. I didn’t give much thought to it, but just realized that the View layer in the Model-View-Controller design pattern is basically to “isolate “domain logic” (the application logic for the user) from the user interface (input […]

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Clojure’s Java interop in Java

I should rather refrain from announcing the blog entry Thinking functional programming with Map and Fold in your everyday Java as it wasn’t at all useful from the point of a person who’s aiming at learning functional programming, however, on the contrary, it did a great job of encouraging me to try out Clojure’s Java […]

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Can’t dynamically bind non-dynamic var in Clojure 1.3 and on

I’ve already described the issue of Can’t dynamically bind non-dynamic var in Can’t dynamically bind non-dynamic var in Clojure 1.3. While learning about defs, symbols and vars, I again ran into this issue. I can see now that I made a mistake using Clojure 1.3 not 1.3.0-alpha6 in the title of the past blog entry […]

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Block-Scanner from Let Over Lambda in Clojure

Remember Getting my head around let-over-lambda, functions in let, and let with bindings in Clojure in which I mentioned the chapter Closures in Let Over Lambda by Doug Hoyte? I spent an entire day having imagined I could write the parser in Clojure and, guess what, I ultimately did it! How would you feel about […]

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