3rd day at 33rd degree

Wednesday was great! It was the day at the 33rd degree conference when I ran my presentation and spent another hour presenting Clojure by code samples. There were three people who needed more since I merely scratched the surface of why people should consider Clojure as the language of choice. I could barely present 2 off 8 reasons for Clojure. I guess the presentation finished too early to be as useful as I wished to, but the other hour made it better (at least for those three people). It was a profound experience that further sharpened my skills around Clojure.

The presentation began at 9:00 AM sharp. There was no reason to wait anymore. But it’d been, just 10 minutes before when I walked in to the class and…nobody was there! While going there, I could see the other rooms where people were waiting for the presentations. It was depressing, but I didn’t lose hope for a better. I’d even become worried it might not have run at all. 5 minutes later, which was 5 minutes before my talk, the first person came in. I felt relieved. We chatted a little about Clojure, Lisps and functional programming languages in general while people were coming. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I could swear there were around 60 people! Given it’s about Clojure, early in the morning, and Venkat Subramaniam was running his presentation in the other room, I could only consider it as a great success.

And then Uncle Bob Martin showed up! I knew he’s into Clojure, too, so I was glad he came. I couldn’t resist shaking his hand and started the presentation. I remember I made a mistake in my slide whereby I presented the different ways to define a method and when I looked at him for a confirmation, his nodding was a great help. He helped me once more later, so I must admit without his active participation the presentation would have been worse. Thanks Uncle Bob!

Many people, questions and the concurrency abstractions presented let me believe it was worth everybody’s time. I’m speaking about Clojure at the other conferences in Poland – DevCrowd in Szczecin, 4Developers and GeeCON in Poznan – so feel free to join me and Clojure. You’re invited!

Slides from my talk at 33rd degree are available at slideshare.

After my talk I had this lovely follow-up about Clojure so I couldn’t attend the other presentations I planned. I was going to attend Ken Sipe’s MongoDB: Scaling Web Application and Nathaniel Schutta’s HTML5 For Developers. I hope that they were recorded though so I’ll be able to watch them later. Remember the saying – “Good things come to those who wait”?

Before I left I spoke to Venkat about applying his presentation skills to improve mine. With the hints, I do hope the upcoming presentations are only to be better. If not, blame Venkat :-)

Thanks Grzesiek and the team for the conference. It was really top-notch!

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  1. 3 ppl on Clojure :O reminds me about my Scala presentations at TJUG

  2. 3 people *after* the presentation, but ca 60 *at* it.

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