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Java EE web apps with Clojure (Maven and Leiningen are there, too!)

Sorry for party rocking! That’s really a crazy song, isn’t it? I do hope, the demo won’t be far from it :) How could I never come up with the idea?! I’m just a day before I again showcase Clojure for Warszawa Java User Group (WJUG) and since there’ll be lots of people with Java […]

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Getting my head around let-over-lambda, functions in let, and let with bindings in Clojure

While I was working on a solution in Clojure for the block-scanner from the chapter Closures in Let Over Lambda by Doug Hoyte that I imagined would help me to understand the let-over-lambda concept, I hit on the idea of a function as a way to create an environment, like let form. A couple of […]

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