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Java 7 New Features Cookbook give-away contest

I’ve been a technical reviewer for the book Java 7 New Features Cookbook from Packt and it’s now available in the bookstores near you ( comes to my mind, but guess it should be nearer, too). Packt runs a couple of promotional activities around the book and they asked me if I could run a […]

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Java EE and Clojure on Allegro RoadShow in Torun

Clojure makes my life so much fun! I’ve recently been invited for a talk about my current interests in functional programming during Allegro RoadShow in Torun and chose Clojure with Java EE 6 as the topic to present. It has been an event where an employee of Allegro – *the* e-commerce company in Poland – […]

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Protocols more functional than if in Clojure?

While reading Ring Handlers – Functional Decorator Pattern… How often do you perform conditional branching with if? The answer may likely rely upon the available features offered by the language of choice – the if statement/expression (Java, Clojure), pattern matching (F#) and dynamic dispatch (Java, Clojure). When I read Conditional (programming) in Wikipedia I stumbled […]

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Clojure and me at


The past Saturday I was on in Szczecin, Poland where I ran two sessions about Clojure as a functional programming language to develop web applications. I don’t have slides to share as they were (supposed to have been) live coding sessions about what Clojure can offer for web development. The first session was after […]

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Mocking out in Clojure with with-redefs-fn (no Midje this time)

I made some changes in a Clojure project – librarian-clojure. The changes revolved around security in a Compojure web application. What I needed was to check whether they’re correct and hence I needed some tests with mocking involved because the functions the changes were introduced to used external sources – MongoDB and an encryption library. […]

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Clojure easier? s/lein/lein2 – pomegranate is there already

After I published the blog entry Clojure’s REPL, lein, pomegranate and classpath, Sun Ning commented that lein2 uses pomegranate internally as the dependency resolution management tool. Well, it was a bit convoluted in a sense, but meant exactly this. It later turned out that a single sentence “Leiningen 2 has move its dependency management core […]

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Clojure’s REPL, lein, pomegranate and classpath

While developing a more advanced Clojure project – one that uses many dependencies – it’s inevitable to run into jar management nightmare (aka “jar hell”). Leiningen helps a lot and it’s when it shines – you define the dependencies upfront and they’re available for the project, esp. when executing Clojure REPL with lein repl. There’s […]

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Dynamic web applications with Clojure and Ring – part 1

I wish I could be prepared for all the questions which may come up during the upcoming conference in Szczecin, Poland where I’m speaking about developing web applications with Clojure. The aim of the presentation is to show that Clojure can be the language for components in a Java EE application, but can also […]

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