Dynamic web applications with Clojure and Ring – part 1

I wish I could be prepared for all the questions which may come up during the upcoming devcrowd.pl conference in Szczecin, Poland where I’m speaking about developing web applications with Clojure.

The aim of the presentation is to show that Clojure can be the language for components in a Java EE application, but can also be the platform to build web applications.

I’ve got only one hour and with that in mind I strive for keeping it aligned to the requirement. I used to spend one hour for an introduction with not much left for more important matters. They say I should prepare better time-wise.

That’s why I thought I’d write a series of articles about Clojure web development and while I’m at Ring studying its source code, I wrote an article Dynamic web applications with Clojure and Ring – part 1. Give yourself a couple of minutes for Leiningen and Ring that will help you building a 404-responding web application in Clojure REPL. Let me know if it was time well spent and what you’d like to see in the other installments.

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