Java EE and Clojure on Allegro RoadShow in Torun

Clojure makes my life so much fun!

I’ve recently been invited for a talk about my current interests in functional programming during Allegro RoadShow in Torun and chose Clojure with Java EE 6 as the topic to present. It has been an event where an employee of Allegro – *the* e-commerce company in Poland – talked about his job and what tools they use. I was there too to shed some light on alternative language – Clojure. And that brought so much fun!

My session was supposed to take 35 minutes only, so I jumped right into the Clojure REPL after a 5-minute introduction (of mine and Clojure itself). I made a quick decision to showcase how to develop a servlet with a helper function in Clojure – a module for the front-end in Java EE and another for the back-end in Clojure. I used Leiningen to build the Clojure project, Maven to build the webapp project and finally deployed it onto Apache Tomcat. The other part was about developing web applications with Ring. I knew Vars could do the magic very easy – no server restarts to introduce a new functionality. HTTP requests and responses as maps in Ring helped enormously, too. I’m not sure they had enough time to appreciate the simplicity.

The event was held at University of Torun, the Computer Science department.

  • There were ca 60 attendees
  • When I asked about their familiarity of Java EE, 2 people raised their hand.
  • When I asked about Java, 20 people raised their hand.
  • Some exposure to functional languages? 10 people nodded.

It was a very varied audience and wonder whether I could whet their appetite for more better. I seem to have noticed some interest, so I do hope more people would accept a functional programming language as the language of choice for a project. At last, they know it’s possible to do some web development.

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