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Navigate to Definition or F3 in Eclipse counterclockwise

I believe I lost many people’s attention during my live coding sessions with Clojure and the Eclipse plugin for Clojure development – counterclockwise as I used to not get the feature Navigate to Definition or just hovering over a symbol with the Cmd key working in Eclipse. I didn’t care much as Eclipse was an […]

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Experience in Clojure develops steadily – incompetence still prevails

I’m developing a security layer for the librarian-clojure project and stumbled upon an issue that I could hardly diagnose. Ultimately it turned out not a complicated issue which however took me almost a day to sort out. Incompetence prevailed. Have a look at the following code and try to figure out why the result is […]

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Why would I prefer Liberty Profile over TomEE?! No easy answer

That’s the question which keeps bothering me lately: “Why would I prefer IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile over Apache TomEE?” I’m pretty sure I’m not alone who struggles with the question and there’ll be more people soon. Since they’re new product offerings such questions will pop up quite often. TomEE has just passed […]

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OpenJDK 1.8.0-jdk8-b35 seems to break Leiningen 2

Is it only me experiencing an issue with running the most recent build of Leiningen 2 with the recent OpenJDK 8 x64-lambda JDK with Lambda from jdk8 branch (b35) (OpenJDK-OSX-8-x64-lambda-jdk-b35-20120507) on Mac OS X? With the version of OpenJDK selected in the Java Preferences, lein2 finishes with a stacktrace. Here’s the full log of the […]

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How F# helped me to appreciate Clojure’s reduce to traverse data structures (XMLs)

I’ve no doubt that the book Real-World Functional Programming – With examples in F# and C# by Tomas Petricek and Jon Skeet will make me a better functional programmer and have often found it very enlightening. I haven’t done with its reading, but my meetup with it won’t finish once read. It’s too valuable to […]

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Reversi in Clojure…functional

Reversi in Clojure w/ Three Alternative User Interfaces is the type of blog entries I enjoy the most – it inspired me to think about functional programming in Clojure and found it a great “platform” to work on my understanding of Clojure’s way to functional programming. I hope I didn’t mess it up and am […]

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