Two new articles about OSGi Applications and WebSphere AS 8

I’m really into OSGi Applications recently and it burns all my time I could’ve spent on the other niceties – Clojure including. It’s a well-spent time, though, and I could even write two new articles on my way to fully grasp the concept of developing modular OSGi Applications with IBM WebSphere Application Server V8:

Provisioning new bundle versions to OSGi Applications – WABs in WebSphere Application Server V8

Provisioning bundles to OSGi Applications from Internal bundle repository in WebSphere AS V8

Once I wrote them and understood a bit more the other four article ideas sprung to my mind. More to follow soon, but without more eyeballs helping me to find the right way into the OSGi nirvana I surely burn myself easily. Would you mind giving the articles a go? I’d appreciate.

The articles present OSGi Applications with OSGi Blueprint and Java EE. Even though the articles use IBM toolset I believe they’re easily applicable to the other Enterprise OSGi runtimes like JBoss AS 7, GlassFish 3 or Apache Geronimo 3. I wish I heard from people about their experiences with the other application servers as I won’t have much time to test them out myself. Anyone?

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