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Unable to find a ‘userdata.img’ file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder – Don’t be too selective when installing Android SDK

While preparing myself for the presentation for Mobilization^2 where I’m speaking about Android concurrency, I ran across “Unable to find a ‘userdata.img’ file for ABI armeabi to copy into the AVD folder”. It turned out quite easy to fix and so I found the answer very quickly – just installed ARM EABI v7a System Image […]

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Using @Resource to access JNDI in WebSphere AS 8.5 Liberty Profile

In Using JNDI binding for constants from the server configuration files you can read about defining JNDI bindings for constants in WebSphere Application Server 8.5 Liberty Profile (aka WebSphere Liberty Profile, Liberty Profile or simply Liberty). I was surprised to have read about the feature without a code with the @Resource annotation. I sat down […]

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pBook Reading List of Mine

This is my current reading list of printed books for the days to come. I’ll post reviews. What’s yours? What other books do you think would be valuable?

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How to install WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6 Beta on WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile

I think there’s no better way to learn than to write about what has just been read or learnt. That’s just another way to remember what should’ve been remembered in the first place. They also say the more ways you use to engage your brain’s cells the better. That’s how I came to write a […]

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