pBook Reading List of Mine

This is my current reading list of printed books for the days to come. I’ll post reviews.

What’s yours? What other books do you think would be valuable?

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7 Responses to pBook Reading List of Mine

  1. maciej says:

    you can give up on soa governance. not a very good book. it’s better to read articles from ibm.

  2. Shame on you! Book about JavaScript? Serious programmers do not use this language. ;)

  3. Alex Ott says:

    I almost completely switched to ebooks – much easier to take iPad/kindle everywhere, with all books inside ;-)

    • I must admit that I very rarely read ebooks as I can’t recover from the habit of reading pbooks. It’s so much easier to highlight a sentence or a paragraph or add a comment. I seem to not find a good app to help me out with it.

      I’m currently using Kindle on Android (Samsung Galaxy S2). I don’t want to buy yet another device, but guess it’s inevitable since it’s as space-heavy as books but weights less for sure.

      Thanks for encouraging me to follow the right direction! :)

  4. Hubert says:

    You should try “JavaScript – mocne strony” Autor: Douglas Crockford

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