Article about developing JSF 2.x web apps with Eclipse IDE and WebSphere Liberty Profile

I’ve recently been asked to write a couple of labs for WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile and hence spent some time trying to figure out how these new Enterprise OSGi and Java EE 6 specs work together.

Since I’m not yet sure how complex the lab with JSF 2.x, Enterprise OSGi and WebSphere Liberty Profile should be, I thought I’d publish partial results of my work so others might benefit from them and hopefully post feedback of theirs to influence the future installments (it’s one way to follow the Release early, release often rule).

Here’s the first attempt – the just-released article about developing Simple form-based JSF 2 web application with Eclipse IDE and WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile.

It’s not meant to showcase all the fancy features of JSF 2.x or WebSphere Liberty Profile, but just lay the “framework” (scaffolding?) for the other articles that ultimately end up as a single article about Enterprise OSGi and JSF 2.x with WebSphere Liberty Profile. My wish is to develop a quite complex yet still useful web application so it’s as useable as one can dream of.

Take your seat, have a sip of your beloved drink (tea, coffee or beer – you name it) and give it a read. Send me your comments afterward. I’d appreciate reading them very much.

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