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Wanna learn Clojure? What about writing a plugin for Leiningen!

There are many reasons to learn a new programming language and Clojure might be one of the New Year’s resolutions. It’s still one of mine. It could be yours, but you might be suffering from the many initial troubles people usually face when learning new language – a lack of a project where the language […]

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Runtime Explorer in WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile Developer Tools

Just found out about the Runtime Explorer view that (likely?) comes with IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile Developer Tools V8.5.1 to explore the available WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile servers. I wonder how I could miss that?! I’ve got two servers in WebSphere V8.5 Liberty Profile installation and they’re very nicely listed […]

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Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software 8.5.1 iFix1 available

While preparing the environment to record a screencast about the MDB support in WebSphere AS 8.5 I’ve noticed that there’s the iFix 1 available. It’s also called Refresh pack 8.5.1. It took only a few minutes to upgrade and I’m now ready to give the screencast a go. Stay tuned.

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Erroneous behavior of m-lift in clojure.algo.monads?! No, it’s only me…again!

I’m back to algo.monads. I can’t remember how much time I’ve already devoted to the library and the topic of monads in general, but I’m sure it took me already a couple of weeks and still whenever I’m back to algo.monads I find something interesting. Today I thought I found a bug in m-lift macro […]

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Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook give-away contest

I ran a contest already once. It was for Java 7 New Features Cookbook which I co-reviewed with other people to make it more worthwhile. I’m not sure I did the job very well, but there’s another chance to prove I can make books better with my reviews (or quite the contrary!) Here comes the […]

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OSGi Service ranking attribute applied

I’m working on a demo material to present Enterprise OSGi with Java EE and stumbled upon a mental problem where I used OSGi Blueprint that’s easy to use and explain its features, but missed a part about OSGi itself, mostly versioning. It took me about 2 weeks and a presentation (about Enterprise OSGi and Java […]

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