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Deploying Play Framework applications onto WebSphere Liberty Profile

For the past couple of days I’ve been looking into developing enterprise applications in Scala with WebSphere Liberty Profile as the runtime environment (aka application server). It’s worked fine so far as you can read in two articles of mine: Developing Java Servlets in Scala with Eclipse and WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile Scala […]

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New article about Scala and WebSphere Liberty Profile and niceties of latest updates

Hot on the heels of my new article Scala as Shared Library for Java EE applications in WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile about Scala as the language for developing Java EE enterprise applications with the Scala jars shared amongst applications using the Shared Library feature of WebSphere 8.5 Liberty Profile, the teams behind WebSphere Liberty Profile […]

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eclipse -clean -debug

I’ve been experiencing troubles with setting up Eclipse to run with the latest Java 1.7.0_17 on Mac OS X 10.7.5. It happened to be a known issue and you can find many blog posts in the Internet or answers about it on StackOverflow. Today I ran across the Java runtime and Eclipse thread and found […]

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No suitable constructor found for Vector(no arguments) – when a class is NOT what it appears to be

After years when java.util.Vector was banned for it being synchronized (for its single-threaded nature that was not suitable in most cases, at least mine), I wiped it out almost completely from my memory. It simply didn’t exist for me. I pretended the class had not existed at all. So when “ error: no suitable constructor […]

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Eclipse Juno SR2 and WebSphere Developer Tools V9.0 Beta Update

It turns out that I missed two important releases. On March 1st, 2013 Eclipse Juno (4.2) SR2 and WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse V9.0 Beta were almost simultaneously released. I’m in Chicago, IL this week running a WebSphere workshop and when I was demoing WebSphere Liberty Profile and showing how easy it is […]

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IBM Certified Developer for WebSphere Liberty Profile and IBM Certified System Administrator for WebSphere AS 8.5 ND

I’ve just found out that IBM recently announced two very interesting (and hopefully key to boost your career) certifications for people working with WebSphere Liberty Profile and/or WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5 – IBM Certified Developer – IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools V8.5 With Liberty Profile and IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere […]

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