Eclipse Juno SR2 and WebSphere Developer Tools V9.0 Beta Update

eclipse-juno-logoIt turns out that I missed two important releases. On March 1st, 2013 Eclipse Juno (4.2) SR2 and WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse V9.0 Beta were almost simultaneously released.

I’m in Chicago, IL this week running a WebSphere workshop and when I was demoing WebSphere Liberty Profile and showing how easy it is to get started with the server, I spotted the announcement on the web site. You should see my face when the heading “WDT V9.0 Beta Update!” caught my attention. I paused for a while (until I processed the news).

Still on Eclipse Juno SR2 RC1 I ran Check for Updates and both came out!


I’ve now got the updates installed and again I’m on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest. Would you mind joining me?

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