Introduction to Web Application Development in Clojure at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine

The slides from my presentation about web application development in Clojure (with Ring, Compojure and Enlive) at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine are now available at Slideshare and awaiting your comments.

The presentation from the first day of the conference about functional programming in Scala is available on Slideshare, too and I would appreciate if you could spend some time to have a look and comment. There’s no better way to learn than answering questions that need more thinking. Keep ’em coming! I think that was the only reason why I received the Cool speech! card.


It was a great pleasure to be a speaker at such a fabulous conference and meet many people I had no chance to meet before. It was a very well prepared conference, one which I won’t manage to forget any time soon. I really liked playing kicker (that’s a name for table football in Germany and Russian-speaking countries). A very neat way to meet people and engage them to a conversation.


Thanks Mikalai and Aleksey (the organizers of the conference), Reza, Venkat, Mohamed, Anton (in the order they appear in the picture above), Pawel, Bartek, Elena, Aleksander, Talip, Anton, and many more who I couldn’t list here for various reasons. I’m very grateful for your efforts to make the conference so fruitful knowledge- and social-wise. Bolszoje spasiba!

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5 Responses to Introduction to Web Application Development in Clojure at JEEConf in Kiev, Ukraine

  1. smk says:

    This is simple JEE application without EJB,JMX,JMS,Secuirty etc. which is good to start with. But there are too many things at Clojure such as immutant, luminus, clojurescript etc. which may be overwhelming!

    • Well, don’t you like the situation that you’ve got a choice? It might be overwhelming at first, but many things are as good as no things to choose from. Ask questions and hear the answers so you learn in small steps.

      We’d be much better off if you share why you think Clojure might be your next language? What made you think you’d need to learn it? Once we sorted it out, the next question might be what type of application you’d like to develop to feel the potential of the language?

  2. Ryan says:

    What do you think about the CHP framework? =>

  3. Ryan says:

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it.

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