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Scalania.PL – Warszawa JUG’s meetings to practise Scala by examples

I’m still very new to Scala if case class is to me only to combine attributes in a class and have the class and the attributes available in pattern matching. Just ran across the course by Tony Morris, more specifically the case class Id[A] with two methods map and flatMap that I would never have […]

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New adventures with functional languages in financial sector

It’s a bit over a year when I wrote “p.s. I felt in love with functional programming with Clojure and F# so much that I could very likely consider a job as a team leader or a lead developer, too.”. It’s amazing how time flies by quickly and how much I should watch my words […]

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@ktosopl about Value classes and :javap in Scala 2.10.x

Thanks @ktosopl for the useful tip about using the command :javap in your blog post Scala 2.10 – or, why you will love implicit value classes. Not only :javap, but the main topic itself – value classes, made the blog post very useful and informatory! Just a few days ago I tweeted about the release […]

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Twitter stats of mine: 4680 tweets, 360 following and 900 followers

Today’s a round-number-only day on Twitter. I’ve managed to attract 900 followers to let them hear what’s important to me (4680 tweets) by following 360 people (as well as using some other means of self-learning). With 900 followers I’m tempted to think that people think I’ve got something to say. I wish it could always […]

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Final score from Scala course at Coursera: You earned 79.8%

Final score from the course Functional Programming Principles in Scala at Coursera is now available. There were 7 weeks of extensive study time for many of us who participated in the how and why of functional programming in Scala with the author – Martin Odersky. I’ve been blogging about the past experiences and must admit […]

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