New adventures with functional languages in financial sector

It’s a bit over a year when I wrote “p.s. I felt in love with functional programming with Clojure and F# so much that I could very likely consider a job as a team leader or a lead developer, too.”. It’s amazing how time flies by quickly and how much I should watch my words to say what I really want or…it becomes reality.

It has.

Quite recently I’ve got a job offer to lead a technical team to develop applications with functional languages, Clojure and Scala, in an international financial institution. It appears that my wishes are about to turn into reality – I accepted the position.

I’ve been working in IBM for the past 7 years now and the time for the giant has been passing by extremely quickly. I have built my comfort zone in IBM WebSphere product family and I enjoyed it so much. I could get a hands-on experience with the products, speak on conferences, blog, tweet, write articles, record screencasts and in general be a part of the WebSphere community inside and outside of IBM. I lack words to describe the extreme awesomeness of the working environment in IBM (but be warned that it’s only available when you ask for it, else you’re doomed to stay in limbo).

I have however always felt a need to improve my skills with a close eye on a specific industry and the financial industry has been drawing my attention for some time. Moreover, I’ve always been wondering what it is to me to be on the other side of the “fence” – to be a customer (at least externally) not an IT provider (again, considering the main industry my employer operates in). Although I am still a part of a technical team in the financial institution, it’s now a part of a non-IT company where the lingua franca is a financial language. It’s a complete departure from what I’ve been doing for years while working for IT corporations like HP and IBM.

And the people who work in the team or soon will be. It’s gonna be a very uneasy environment at times where geeks will have their voice, and work needs to be done anyway. I expect many technical challenges with many people I’ve always admired for technical excellence and a passion for achieving what may seem unachievable. I think it will have a tremendous impact on what I shall become in the months coming. I believe it’s going to be the place to let my development wishes flourish.

I should now work with Clojure and Scala more often and what’s more important be paid for doing it on a daily basis. I will finally be able to learn about their application to problems in the financial sector, right from the trenches. I’m now jumping onto a bandwagon to develop the functional programming skills of mine while tackling real-life problems!

For you, my reader, it might be a good refresher as well – the job change shall improve my future blog posts here. Finger crossed.

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5 Responses to New adventures with functional languages in financial sector

  1. Finally! I was always thinking that you’re staying in the same company way too long :)

    Good luck and have fun in new place.

  2. mproch says:

    Great :) Congratulations :)

  3. kpm says:

    Dreams do come true!!! Hope that in a year’s time I could join your team :)

  4. Marcin says:

    The red pill was taken. Enjoy.

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