Twitter stats of mine: 4680 tweets, 360 following and 900 followers

jacek_laskowski_twitter_statsToday’s a round-number-only day on Twitter. I’ve managed to attract 900 followers to let them hear what’s important to me (4680 tweets) by following 360 people (as well as using some other means of self-learning). With 900 followers I’m tempted to think that people think I’ve got something to say. I wish it could always be true!

I vaguely remember the very first days on Twitter, but I do remember I was sceptical about using it as a communication tool. I was mostly listening as I didn’t believe I’ve got something to say (with such short messages).

A couple of months later I learnt how to use it to poke people (with short messages) and I feel pretty comfortable with the tool. I could “talk” to people I may never have met in person and been guided to articles/sites I would not likely have found otherwise. I’m glad I could find out how to use Twitter and I’m a strong proponent of using it as a vehicle of mass-collaboration and self-education.

Thanks everybody for your support and patience!

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