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Studying scalaz to learn Scala (and perhaps category theory) with sbt

I’m studying the source code of the scalaz project as a way to introduce myself to Scala (and category theory in general). Reading a source code has always been considered a constructive approach to learn a language provided the project is of importance to the community (behind the language) and is developed with care. I […]

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Importing sbt-based project to IntelliJ IDEA 13 (with sbt-idea, Scala 2.11 and sbt 0.12)

Just as in How to create SBT project with IntelliJ Idea? on StackOverflow I needed to import a sbt-managed project – scalaz – into IntelliJ IDEA. With my configuration – Scala 2.11.0-M3 and sbt 0.12.4 – the answers to the question on StackOverflow were often misleading and hence the blog post. jacek:~/oss/scalaz $ sbt gen-idea […]

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