Final thoughts on #ScalarConf = #Scala conference in Central #Europe

tl;dr It was the very first Scala-only conference in Poland. The conference was a massive success and with so many friends in one place and the good technical content with the incredible speaker’s line-up I wish it’d lasted longer for me. Kudos to the conference team, the speakers and the audience!

It’s hereby to thank SoftwareMill – the company that ran the conference for letting me sip the knowledge out of the best in the market in a very friendly and truly international atmosphere. I spoke to people from Netherlands, Italy (hey, @LuigiNoto), UK (hey, @propensive) and US (hey, @travisbrown and @xeno_by). I could talk to people I only had met on twitter or StackOverflow and managed to talk to so many Scalanians I barely had time to attend the talks.

I learnt a lot and got specially curious about pursuing my understanding of Scala macros that were today presented to implement…F#-like type providers. I really enjoyed the talk and am convinced to spend some time with them. Thanks Travis and Eugene for the excellent talk! I hope the talks were recorded so I can enjoy the presentation of yours few times more.

Jon Pretty is an mind-blowing speaker and when he speaks there’s so much fun as wisdom. He started his talk about Scala’s type system with few slides about yourself that themselves could’ve been the main theme. That was fun! Then, all of a sudden, he jumped in to Taylor series, addition, multiplication and derivative to explain Scala’s type constructors. That was the part where people were pretty much silent sitting in their chairs with open mouth while trying to swallow the enormous pill of math-heavy material. The comparison of Scala’s type constructors to an algebra with addition and multiplication was as much fun as mind-blowing. I heard a lot of “wows” everywhere! Thanks Jon for the excellent talk. I again wish the presentation was recorded so I can watch it again and again. See you soon on the Warszawa Scala User Group meetup!

The other presentations I could attend were Adam Warski about, Grzegorz Kubiak about Akka on Raspberry Pi, and Lukasz Kuczera with Scalaz—The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a little bit of Tomek Nurkiewicz‘s The dark side of Scala, Konrad Malawski‘s Event sourcing with Akka-persistence and Grzegorz Kossakowski‘s Lambda implementation in Scala 2.11 and Java 8. I really hope they were all recorded as I’m gonna miss them otherwise.

I enjoyed the 30-minute chunks per presentation, that they were grouped to form 3-presentation one-by-one series and the breaks where I could talk to so many people who seem to fell in love with Scala in one place. The venue was enough to accommodate all the people and the location was in a lovely part of Warsaw – Mokotów Field – with green fields and trees (as if to remind us that Scala could bring many more green-field projects soon). A single track for the presentations and their variety turned Saturday into a long-lasting awesome experience that inspired me to learn Scala in ways I had not imagined would ever be possible.

Thanks all for the atmosphere and the topics! I really enjoyed the Scalar conference and am going to attend it next time.

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  1. Mark says:

    I have to say that it wasn’t the best conference I attended to. In my opinion only half of presentations were good. Rest was either boring or trivial.

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