@WarszawaJUG meetup about #Java8 and later celebrating #Scala 2.11

The idea of a series of 5-minute talks about #Java8 worked so well today during @WarszawaJUG meetup.

It all started at 18:15 and finished at 20:00 for me as there was another get-together to celebrate the release of #Scala 2.11. I’d known that the short talks worked well in the past and was curious how much I could learn about the latest release of Java 8 from the speakers. The diversity was one of the many reasons I attended the meetup and am going to do so more often when the flash-talks are organised.

I listened to a talk about java.time by Tomasz Nurkiewicz, JSR 356 Java API for WebSocket by Andrzej Golawski, the latest changes in Map by Michal Lewandowski, Java 8 on Android by Krzysztof Siejkowski, java.util.stream by Pawel Szklarz, Optional by Piotr Trzpil, HashMap’s performance improvements in Java 8 by Tomasz Nurkiewicz and JSR 352 Batch Applications by Krzysztof Miksa.

I’m deeply sorry for asking so many questions, but the topics were so interesting that I couldn’t resist learning more.

The number of the flash-talks would attract many hard-core, full-blown Java conferences, but it would not be able to attend all of them when they’re 30- or 45-minute presentations given time constraints. With 5 minutes each I’d an excellent introduction to the many latest additions in Java 8 and Java EE 7. That’s what I liked the most about the meetup.

I enjoyed hanging out with people during and after the meetup. There were many people from Java EE 7, Java 8, Android and Scala camps. Many people share their interests between the areas and it’s no surprise to have seen so many people in the room as the topics were very well selected to attract attention. Being able to listen to the superb speaker line-up talking about the many interesting things in Java space is rarely possible. And all in my town! I could simply not miss the meetup!

After the meetup, I hung out with around 20 people who celebrated the release of Scala 2.11 as well as to continue talking about future project ideas with what we could learn during the meeting. Very lovely atmosphere. Wish you were with us. It’s the meeting I surely never forget that gave me a fast-paced introduction to Java 8. Thanks.

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