@gkossakowski on @WarszawScaLa about how to patch #scalasbt

What a fabulous @WarszawScaLa meetup! Grzegorz Kossakowski @gkossakowski has explained us the reasons behind the empty lines in build.sbt files in sbt and how to fix them with Scala’s parser!

It’s not the first time when we hosted a meetup with Grzegorz in which I was enormously enlightened by his understanding of the internals of Scala. With his changes to the incremental compiler for sbt he had so much exposure to sbt that having him on our meetups makes them so fruitful. We’re receiving answers from the top-notch Scala hacker!

This time we were discussing the (in)famous blank lines: why, what do they do and can we make them a happy memory of the past? As the result we’re going to host a mini Scala hackathon in two weeks in which we’re going to hack the changes needed for the issue to go away (or at the very least an action plan to address the issue). That’s going to be our first Scala hack-a-thon in the group that should give us experience in hosting larger ones for other challenging issues in Scala tools. We’re not going to be limited to sbt only (yet that’s where we’ve got quite impressive bunch of people who know about sbt quite enough – @gkossakowski from Typesafe, @lpiepiora, @jozwikandrzej and @jaceklaskowski). I know about people’s wishes to hack the other well-known tools like Akka, Spray, Play to name a few.

I’m sure I’m going to say what the Scala community in Warszawa, Poland is saying – with Grzegorz we’re going to make the change in Scala! And it’s going to be soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks @javeo_eu for offering us the space for the meetups, Grzegorz for the efforts to shorten the time to dig deeper into Scala, and the Scala community in Poland for the environment to have such ideas flourish! I’m deeply indebted to you for being part of the group. Thanks!

See you in two weeks during the mini-Scala-thon. That’s gonna be hacking fun! Follow us on @WarszawScaLa twitter to get notified about our meetups or join the WarszawScaLa User Group meetup.

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