Bye, bye, Citi…on to seeking greener pastures elsewhere

What a day! Today’s my 41st birthday and I’m very happy to have received so many best wishes. There were far too many than I had imagined. Thanks all!

What made the day even more worthwhile to remember was the decision of Citi and mine to terminate the employment contract, effective today. After a year and two months our vision on what and how to deliver no longer converged and so there was no point pretending otherwise. It just didn’t work out.

Below is the farewell letter I sent to the team to thank them for their support. I now consider myself unemployed and am looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Ping me at when you’ve got a job contract for a person who often voices his thoughts, can build and lead technical teams, develops code, is passionate about delivering high-quality software, can be a liaison between technical and business teams, is open-minded and moreover always keeps pushing own knowledge boundaries. I’m open for crazy ideas and can offer some myself, too.

From: Jacek Laskowski
Subject: Farewell
Date: August 13th, 2014 5:00 pm

As you may’ve heard I’m leaving the company to seek greener pastures elsewhere. This is to say BIG THANK YOU for your patience and bearing with my crazy ideas. There were way too many to keep sane. I’m sure of it.

I joined Citi a year ago and worked directly or indirectly with almost all of you that makes my leaving so painful. Anyway, life goes on and so our careers. Thanks for your support, patience, willingness, openness and so many opportunities that offered venues to enormously improve my technical and interpersonal skills. You’ve been stretching my skills in all possible directions. I do consider no day in Citi a waste of my time and will miss y’a, folks!

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn (, twitter (, blogs, stackoverflow (, facebook (, you name it. My email’s and should you have a work you don’t want to do I’ll be waiting for your email to offer my support! I’ll be round the corner. Thanks!

Best wishes for the future! See you later.

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2 Responses to Bye, bye, Citi…on to seeking greener pastures elsewhere

  1. Jorge says:

    Hi Jacek,
    I only realised you had your birthday last week now after reading this entry in your blog. My late congratulations to you!
    I was kind of perplex when you announce your leave, it’s not easy to loose a kind and experienced colleague.
    We need to find a way for you to continue to learn some portuguese expressions… :)
    Boa sorte, até breve! (good luck, see you soon)

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