JDay Lviv 2014 is over, but the memories remain forever – looking forward to 2015!


Thanks Andriy Andrunevchyn and Andriy Pashkevych for the fabulous JDay 2014 conference in Lviv, Ukraine. The city, the venue, the people and the temperature outside made the conference such a fantastic event. Thanks a bunch! I owe you a lot for having been invited to speak on the conference.


My talk “#Be #social #FTW aka Your #Professional #Development with #StackOverflow #GitHub #twitter et al” went pretty well. I was speaking about my own experience using social development tools like StackOverflow, GitHub, twitter et al. to develop professional skills I care about the most – being in touch with people (I might never ever meet in my life in person) about technical stuff I like spending my time on these days.


Honestly, what could’ve gone wrong since I was speaking about my own reasons for the tools I picked myself and how it’s going?! It’s going well so it was hardly possible to spoil the talk, really (except for my English, speaking skills and the jokes, perhaps). There could’ve been too many I‘s and me‘s, that could not have been well received, but since I was speaking about my own experience I couldn’t have done it otherwise. I do hope it was not an issue whatsoever.


Watch the slides #Be #social #FTW aka Your #Professional #Development with #StackOverflow #GitHub #twitter et al at SlideShare.

I’m tempted to think I managed to spur some activity in using these tools as a means of personal professional development (my followers list grew up with additional 15 people after the talk that amounts to ca 10% of all the attendees so I think I can claim some success).


When I asked a few questions about how many people are using StackOverflow, GitHub and twitter the number of hands were matching the order I mentioned the tools. There was one exception with coursera that I only mentioned for a moment that turned out as much widely recognised and used as GitHub if not StackOverflow. It was nice to have talked to people who want to learn from the speaker and very actively participated in conversations. I once or twice asked questions about who doesn’t know a thing and there were few brave souls who raised their hands to tell me that I need to explain what I thought would not have been needed at all.


Lviv is a nice city with lots of nice-looking people on the streets. It was surely more crowded during the weekend than in Warsaw, but it could’ve also been that I don’t spend much time walking in the centre of Warsaw so it might be just me who could be surprised. I was indeed. The sun was shining so warmly. A t-shirt was all you needed to have a walk any time, even around the midnight – the night of the conference – after the after-party.


I was pleasantly surprised twice about the people living in Lviv when I was asked (in a way I’d not be afraid calling a request) to speak Polish since I’m Polish. The first time was at the customs after arriving to Lviv and another when I needed some guidance from a 25ish-year-old man on how to get to the conference venue. It turned out that the young man had his grandparents Polish. As a matter of fact, his Polish language was far better at times than mine since he was using words I simply forgot they existed. I even thought that the Polish language in Lviv might’ve been a bit purer since the language could’ve been specially treated for it not to be forgotten and couldn’t have had that much changed by new words coming in from different parts of Poland and abroad. After all, it’s not very long – about 70 years – when Lviv was Polish (amazingly, the history of Lviv during and after the World War II resembles what’s going on with the eastern part of Ukraine today, and how the Europe and US leaders agreed on Soviet re-occupation).


Thanks Andriy’s for a lovely conference in Lviv, Ukraine. I very much enjoyed speaking at the conference and wish myself I could be invited again the next year. I’m looking forward to it. See you!


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