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The host of this blog is Jacek Laskowski (twitter: @jaceklaskowski) who is an independent IT professional offering services as a team and tech leader, software developer, technology advocate, course instructor, blogger, conference speaker, community leader and organiser, technical advisor and IT business liaison. I’m operating on the JVM platform with Scala and Java as the two main languages of choice, and helping people get the most out of it.

My personal goal is to actively promote the Scala language in Poland as a leader of the @WarszawScala Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts group and working with local software houses.

When I was working for IBM, in recognition of outstanding technical accomplishments, leadership and contributions to the business of IBM I was appointed to IBM Academy of Technology.

I’m developing skills in many ways – participating in closed and open source projects (preferably on GitHub), reading, blogging, speaking, organising meetings and conferences as well as helping people on StackOverflow.

I’m enjoying facing challenging technical issues, developing applications, mentoring, writing articles, guiding less experienced engineers, recording screencasts, delivering courses and being a technical reviewer for IT books. I’d like to be engaged in a project from day 0 to the day of delivery. The less interesting parts of the development cycle are what might be the most interesting part of it for me. Consider me when no one wants to jump in on a task.

I’m the founder and a leader of Warszawa Scala User Group (@WarszawScala). I’m also the founder and a former leader of the Warszawa Java User Group (Warszawa JUG). I’ve been also contributing to few open source projects in Apache Software Foundation as a PMC and committer and now a member of the ASF foundation.

I’m regularly speaking at developer conferences.

He regularly speaks at developer conferences. He blogs at http://blog.japila.pl (en), http://blog.jaceklaskowski.pl (pl) and http://blog.jaceklaskowski.pl (en). All the blogs have their purpose and I’m glad to talk to you about it.

The idea is to learn by my own mistakes and your comments. They’re always welcome!

You can contact me through jacek@japila.pl. You may also want to follow me at Twitter, GitHub or StackOverflow.

Disclaimer: the views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, its affiliated entities, other person, entity or any other companies whom I have worked with or for in the past.

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