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Notes from Databricks’ blog post about the plans for Spark SQL


You should instead be reading the original blog post Shark, Spark SQL, Hive on Spark, and the future of SQL on Spark on Databricks’ blog as what’s coming below are my notes to build up a better understanding of Spark SQL (and potentially help the project bringing in more eyes to it).

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Learning #Spark from @OReillyMedia – Look no further for definitive guide to big data analytics with Apache Spark


The following book review is about the Early Release (Raw & Unedited) version of the book Learning Spark: Lightning-Fast Big Data Analytics from O’Reilly. I was reading the book in the mobi format on Kindle Paperwhite. It was a review copy from O’Reilly. tl;dr Read the book if you’re curious about Apache Spark and are […]

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JDay Lviv 2014 is over, but the memories remain forever – looking forward to 2015!


Thanks Andriy Andrunevchyn and Andriy Pashkevych for the fabulous JDay 2014 conference in Lviv, Ukraine. The city, the venue, the people and the temperature outside made the conference such a fantastic event. Thanks a bunch! I owe you a lot for having been invited to speak on the conference.

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Takeaway from AngularJS 101 – Everything you need to know to get started by Stéphane Bégaudeau


AngularJS 101 – Everything you need to know to get started by Stéphane Bégaudeau is another deck of slides about AngularJS I watched today. It’s to improve my understanding of how to use AngularJS in my current and future projects. It’s the front-end JavaScript framework for the project I’m in after all so to apply […]

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Takeaway from Advanced Tips & Tricks for using Angular JS by Simon Guest


I’m developing a web application with #AngularJS in a project, and since web development has never been of a great importance to me I’ve got a lot to learn. It was me to have picked AngularJS for the front-end, but right after I had chosen it, I found few other compelling web frameworks, like #React.

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Bye, bye, Citi…on to seeking greener pastures elsewhere


What a day! Today’s my 41st birthday and I’m very happy to have received so many best wishes. There were far too many than I had imagined. Thanks all! What made the day even more worthwhile to remember was the decision of Citi and mine to terminate the employment contract, effective today. After a year […]

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Hacking #scalasbt with @gkossakowski on @WarszawScaLa meetup in @javeo_eu


It’s amazing how much I could learn hacking with so many clever Scala developers in one room during 2,5-hour meetup of @WarszawScaLa. Today was the day of #Scalania 22 during which Grzegorz Kossakowski @gkossakowski from Typesafe explained the changes needed to get rid of blank lines found in *.sbt build files in sbt. Thanks so […]

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@gkossakowski on @WarszawScaLa about how to patch #scalasbt


What a fabulous @WarszawScaLa meetup! Grzegorz Kossakowski @gkossakowski has explained us the reasons behind the empty lines in build.sbt files in sbt and how to fix them with Scala’s parser!

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@WarszawaJUG meetup about #Java8 and later celebrating #Scala 2.11


The idea of a series of 5-minute talks about #Java8 worked so well today during @WarszawaJUG meetup.

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Getting into Akka (and other Scala open source projects) by sbt


sbt once simple is Scala now (and simple, too?) Once I reached a certain level of confidence in my understanding of sbt, I’ve looked around for open source projects that use sbt as their build tool in order to get more insight on how much we could help each other. I’ve found quite a few […]

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