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Comments about sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth


There’s a bunch of video recordings from the NE Scala 2014 and I couldn’t resist to comment on Sbt 1.0 – The Interactive Build Tool by Josh Suereth. It’s 23 minutes about what’s coming in sbt 1.0 and the future of

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Final thoughts on #ScalarConf = #Scala conference in Central #Europe


tl;dr It was the very first Scala-only conference in Poland. The conference was a massive success and with so many friends in one place and the good technical content with the incredible speaker’s line-up I wish it’d lasted longer for me. Kudos to the conference team, the speakers and the audience!

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Go in Action from Manning and go installed


I’ve been hearing about the Go programming language here and there and when I’ve seen the freely available chapter from the upcoming book Go in Action from Manning I thought I’d give it a go. It’s an introductory material to Go and the why’s one could pick the language for the next project. What I liked about […]

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WarszawScaLa UG coding session = Scalania 13 in Javart


I’ve been publishing my sentiments on the coding sessions called scalania under WarszawScaLa User Group on my Polish blog, but the ideas that are inspired by or spring out of them are worth spreading to wider audience and hence this one is here, in English (hoping that new ones come up or current ones got improved […]

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What a pleasant experience – reading Pro Git book in Readmill on Samsung Galaxy S3


I keep trying out different approaches to absorb knowledge. I’m on GitHub to learn git and get skilled in a new way of software development which I call social development with people and projects I would’ve never been part of otherwise. Same for StackOverflow or twitter – yes, you’re reading it right – twitter – that can be […]

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project and projects commands in sbt


While reviewing the source code of sbt, I stumbled upon sbt.CommandStrings. I’d swear I’d been looking at the class so many times yet it was only today when I noticed how powerful the commands – projects and project – are. Even the official documentation of sbt is almost silent on the commands. I simply couldn’t […]

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“What if I had” vs “As I have” – “observables” on data streams before the kid falls asleep


It has just struck me when I was putting my 2-year kid to bed… My professional career as a software developer was mainly zoomed in on what I’ve already had here and now with little to no use cases where I’d have had to compose computations that’d be realised at a moment in the future when I’d […]

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Mastering Scala, sbt and Play, and having fun on GitHub and StackOverflow


I’m a strong believer and big proponent of using social development platforms as a highly productive means of rising my own programming experience and expertise. Quite recently I’ve decided to be more visibleactive on StackOverflow because 1) sbt’s users mailing list moved to the platform, 2) as a way to learn the Scala build tool […]

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Trying out different development environments for Scala – Sublime Text 3 + REPL in iTerm


I am still unsure about the right development environment for my Scala developments. At work it’s the very latest version of IntelliJ IDEA 13 with the Scala plugin (Windows 7) while at home I’m trying out other setups (Mac OS X). IDEA’s too much at times. I can’t seem to get fully up to speed with […]

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Week 1 Quickcheck in Principles of Reactive Programming course on Coursera – 10.00 out of 10.00


I’m on the devoxx conference in Antwerp, Belgium. Too bad that the past couple of days I’ve been spending on Week 1’s Quickcheck assignment in the Principles of Reactive Programming course on Coursera. I simply couldn’t let it go past me without a solution that would give me the whole 10 points! I simply couldn’t. So I was solving […]

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